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Project Management and overall Coordination

We offer our Project Management services to fully coordinate a construction, remodeling or fit-up project. This service can be divided into three main phases:

Phase 1: Project Planning and Design

In this phase we provide guidance and technical support to our customers to help them understand and outline their needs and expectations in regards to the construction or fit-up project. These needs and expectations are technically translated into a document called the "Project Brief" that will serve as the base and benchmark for the whole project.

In this process, we'll lead and coach our customers through the engineering review process, preparation, and issuance of the RFP (Request for Proposal), as well as managing the bidding process, analyzing and selecting the winning proposal, working with the winner in the improvement of their designs and costs, and assigning the contract.

Phase 2: Quality Assurance Supervision

During this phase, we perform regular assessments of the work being done by the contractor and subcontractors; their craftsmanship, proper use of the materials and adherence to the architectural and technical specifications for materials, equipments and installations. We pay specific attention to identify any situation that may delay the project or affect the quality or cost. During this phase we generate written and photographic reports that are used as a tool to resolve and correct the deficiencies found, and that serve as a support document for our customer.

Regular meetings are scheduled with the contractors and principals of the project to review these reports and suggest corrective actions, when needed.

FasePhase 3: Substantial Completion, Punch List and As Builts

When the project is about to be completed a "Substantial Completion" review is performed. In this review, all the pending and non-conforming issues are listed and specified in a "Punch List" format, along with all the previous issues not yet corrected. This "Punch List" includes back-up information and photos and it is given to the contractors so that the deficiencies can be corrected. CG Supervisiones follows up with the contractor until all items on the list have been properly addressed and corrected.

In this phase we also review the accuracy and completeness of the "As Built" drawings. These drawings reflect the actual location and technical specifications of the installation during each part of the process and will be valuable in case of a future remodeling or when maintenance work is required.